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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

flying bull craft beers

Check back often - head brewer Joel Miles is always concocting new and exciting libations!

The "somebody" series

Our revolving line of Stouts and Porters are always decadent, rich, and eminently sippable. There's always a reason to celebrate - what's yours? 


Somebody's Birthday - Cherry

Somebody's Anniversary - Coconut Macaroon

Somebody's In Love - Raspberry Porter

Somebody's Baby - Vanilla

Snap! - Gingersnap

Swirl - Cinnamon Bun

Ganache - Classic Imperial


Always on tap

These fan favorites will never "Fly Away". Enjoy our most delicious IPAs and Ales from Coast to Coast!

bullvarian decree

bullvarian decree

What is quickly becoming our flagship beer, this Imperial New England IPA features Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc hops. It is as juicy as ever and the 8.5% ABV makes it unforgettable. 

My Roots Are Showing.PNG

my roots
are showing

Blonde jokes aside, true to its historical "roots," this blonde ale showcases a rich gold color and a flavor of sweet malt and caramel brightened with light hop bitterness. Our Bull City roots are showing with this one. 5.2% ABV, 19 IBU

brewing in my dance shoes

This West Coast Style IPA is brewed with Amarillo, Cashmere, El Dorado, and Comet hops. It entices you with tropical and citrusy notes and a mild bitterness that dances on your tongue. So turn up the music and lace up your dance shoes! 7.3% ABV, 64 IBU

bull moon rising

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Tobacco Wood Brewing Co, this Black IPA is no joke. With a smooth roasty start and an earthy hop finish, this beer can please a stout drinker and IPA drinker alike. 7.5% ABV, 63 IBU

Bull in a bottle shop

Whether it is the juiciness of Idaho 7 and Mosaic, or the citrus notes of Citra hops, the flavor of this beer will knock over all your taste buds. Enjoy this exciting brew; just try not to get carried away if you're near something breakable. 6.8% ABV, 23 IBU

mackinaw peach wheat

Like catching a glimpse of a unicorn in a forest, tasting the Mackinaw Peach Wheat is a fortuitous event. Made with over 100lbs of juicy peaches, it's like liquid summer. And like summer, it may be gone before you know it. 5% ABV, 24 IBU

hooves in the sand

Hooves in the Sand is an "easy like a beach day" session IPA, drenched with zesty Simcoe and kissed with Amarillo's hints of stonefruit, citrus, and melon. So pop a Hooves in the Sand and let your worries melt away. Life is good today. 4.7% ABV, 48 IBU

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