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About Us

Welcome to the Flying Bull, where we are more than just beer fans, we are family! 

Founded in Durham, we are surrounded and immersed in a community of people who celebrate diversity, culture, and love of all things. Our two locations, our Flagship and Homestead, each provide a different look and feel to serve our diverse Durham.

We love beer, especially our beer, but most importantly we love Durham. The Flying Bull Beer Company is the culmination of what it means to be a part of a community 'beer' and far.

Stop by today and meet our Beertenders, who are always happy to see you, and be sure to say hello to Joel and Anna who made this dream a reality!

Cheers Bullvarians!

Meet the owners

Joel and Anna

When the Flying Bull was just a thought, the one thing owners Joel Miles and Anna Bloch knew they wanted it to be was "Beer Community." 

"We considered that an embrace for all the things we love. A celebration if you will. Our community is a melting pot of culture.  It is our surroundings. We knew it would be beer, music, dogs, and hopefully dance. That was easy as those things are built into the essence of who we are as owners/individuals. But as we met people during our build-out who were excited about our brewery, it became evident it was more than that. It is the businesses around us, the struggling breweries during COVID-19, the homeless on 9th, and people dying to get out of their houses. Think of the artists in our community. Solo artists, bands, painters, all artists who can't get out to display their gifts." 


The Flying Bull will be one of the places they come home to roost and we will celebrate them together over a beer.

Image of Owner's Joel and Anna of the Flying Bull Beer Comapny in Durham, NC
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